Tuesday, December 20, 2016

the pot and bowling ball

My goal is draw what I saw. The thing that most surprise me is that how the color combine themselves reflecting on the pot, the color is really hard to find and resolve with each other by drawing. My drawing is about reflecting. The most difficult challenge I have to face is the shadow for the bowling balls and how to show that green ball is behind the orange one and not flying in the air. If I can redo, I will have to change the carpet under the pot and the balls, it doesn't look like a carpet in my drawing, I will have to make the strips thinner and thinner, so it will shown to be under. I think the best I did are the shadows on the two bowling balls.


  1. i like how you were able to make the colors more subdued. the colors and the reflections are great.

  2. you DO need to figure out how to post your drawing right side up.