Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Renaissance 1300-1600

Northern Italy: birthplace of the Renaissance
Renaissance = rebirth
cities were the center of the action
Milan and Florence and wealthy mechanist and bankers
artists were inspired by the former splendor of Rome

Merchants and the Medici
Merchants dominated politics
Medici were powerful banking family
patrons: they paid artists, writers and musicians to create beautiful works of arts

Super-Patron: Isabella d'Este
educated, brilliant
gifted singer, lute player, innovative dance
wealthy, power parents
fashionista, designs her own perfume

What patronage got
Antonio da Correggio
101 in. by 74 in.

evolving values... humanism
deep interest in what people have already achieved, as well as what they are capable of achieving in the future
worldly(secular) values were essential

"Renaissance Man," "Renaissance Women"
could master many fields of work
Renaissance Women: Isabella d'Este
Renaissance Men: Leonardo da Vinci
 - Painter
 - Scientist
 - Inventor

Artistic style and methods - sculpture
realistic figures
carved from marble by Michelangelo from 1498-1499
St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City

Artistic styles and methods - painting
perspective - using shadowed depth to create the illusion of three dimensions
Frescoes - technique of mural painting
Michelangelo's work in the ceiling of the Sisine Chapel

Artistic styles and methods - literature
vernacular - their native language
literature was more accessible to the masses

Northern Renaissance
ideas and attitudes about the Renaissance moved from Italy northward
Up north, the classical (Greek and Roman) learning and the humanistic approach was combined with religious ideas
learning spread rapidly, mostly due to one major invention

The Printing Press (feat. Movable Type!)
the Chinese had invented the printing press centuries before, but Johannes Gutenberg revolutionized it in Germany in 1439
one of the most important and impactful inventions in history